SOUL HOUR – Creating positive vibes w/ Devaki

Join Devaki on November 19th from 4 – 6 pm  to create positive vibrations with Guided Meditation, Healing Sound Vibrations, and a talk on Ayurveda: the Art of Living a balanced life.


Soul Hour embraces

Guided Meditation

Healing Sound Vibrations

Wisdom Talk


We start with connecting to the cosmic forces by reciting and singing mantras followed by a talk on Ayurveda – The Art of Living a balanced life

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system with more than 5000 years of experience. It embraces diet, herbs, and lifestyle, to align you with the cycles of nature.

Devaki will introduce you to the fundamentals of Ayurvedic physiology and psychology. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to receive insights into the three different doshas, their physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses, and remedies how to stay balanced in the fall & upcoming winter season.


***100% of registration fees are being donated to a Hurricane Relief Project after Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico. Donations are also welcomed at the time of this offering!***


This offering is offered at a reduced rate of $25 for those unable to pay full price, use code ‘5OFF’ at time of check out!



Devaki is a Continued Education Provider with YA (YACEP), and a Holistic Wellness Coach. She holds an M.A. in psychology from Cologne, Germany, is a certified ayurvedic health counselor, and a LMT. Her focus is to provide tools to live a balanced and peaceful life through ayurveda, yoga and meditation. She offers workshops, retreats and YTTC.  Yoga and Ayurveda have been Devaki’s lifestyle for more than 20 years. She lived many years in ashrams (US, Germany), and has been a lead teacher in Yoga Teacher Training Courses both in the US and Germany. She is the founder of Ananda Wellness Terre Haute and Peacefuloceanview in Puerto Rico.

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Date And Time

11/19/2022 @ 4:00 pm (2 hours)


The Cocuun
802 S Auto Mall Rd
Bloomington, IN 47401