Pelvic Floor, Breath and Core

In this class, postpartum bodies of all ages and experience levels are invited as students refine (and re-find!) their postpartum strength and stretch the parts of themselves parenting takes a toll on.

Included in this class:

-Learn how to breathe in a way that supports your pelvic floor health.  With 20,000 breaths a day we have lots of opportunities to strengthen ourselves from the inside-out!

-Move through a strengthening sequence that supports both the mind and body in finding and maintaining core strength while also strengthening both the upper and lower body.

-Flexibility and mobility to unwind the body from long feedings, one side carrying, and perhaps sleep positions that aren’t always preferred.

Feel under-slept and overwhelmed by the word strength? You’re not alone! Come join to learn breathwork you can do for energy, feed your baby on comfy bolsters, sit in good company, and watch some exercises you can do at home when your energy is ready. Students are invited to join in for strengthening or stretching as their energy allows.

Students are welcomed to this hour long class as soon as they have had their baby.  Mommas are already lifting a carseat and a 10lb baby – let’s learn how to move well to avoid injury and build strength in your daily life!

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Date And Time

Every Tuesday @ 10:00 am (45 minutes) Valid from 05/03/2022 - 10/04/2022


The Cocuun
802 S Auto Mall Rd
Bloomington, IN 47401