About The Cocuun

The Cocuun is a beautiful place ‘to turn inward and transform’. As Molly McDonald and her business:

Body, Mind & Molly, neared the 10 yr celebration mark, she took stock in all of the amazing healers, educators, family support practitioners she had the honor of working with here in Bloomington. It occurred to her that many of them had visions of a gathering space that people would come to know as their home away from home when it comes to their deepest needs for support, community and healing. She realized the time had come to create the space she had always dreamed of providing for the Bloomington area.

These businesses will often hold workshops and offerings at The Cocuun while maintaining their private services within their own offices. This allows clients in Bloomington to come to one location to learn about trusted sources around the area.


It also allows clients to learn from some of our greatest practitioners in group settings to see if they would like to invest in working with those businesses one-on-one for their health.

Our space

Take an inside look! Just stepping into The Cocuun you feel your system calm. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve shaved your legs, if your yoga pants fit you just right or whether or not you have ever practiced yoga before. Whether it is for bodywork or classes, you get to show up as you are, and leave feeling better!

Prenatal Yoga (class or incorporated into private sessions) is a great way to tune in to what is happening in your growing body and how to get it to help you and your baby throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery.

We have a growing schedule of weekly yoga classes intended for many ages and stages and walk of life. Our Yoga instructors have excellent training in how to deepen your yoga practice with hands-on assists, or relaxing touches during ‘Savasana’ resting pose to help deepen your experience at The Cocuun. (*Teachers will offer the option to opt out of any types of touch, you are always encouraged to decline if it is not for you! )

Mats and all props are free for your use in classes at The Cocuun. You are also welcome to bring your own. Props are often used and encouraged during any given practice. The idea is to allow your body to feel its BEST, and sometimes that comes with a bit of support!

Our littlest clients bring their parents to The Cocuun for bodywork (Craniosacral Therapy) and, ‘Body Mind & Baby’ Class on Family Fridays! Babies who are struggling with breastfeeding difficulties or excessive fussiness benefit from private Craniosacral Therapy sessions.

During ‘Body, Mind & Baby Class’ for precrawling babies, parents learn TummyTime! Method, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and more.

The Cocuun is a great ‘home away from home’ when you need space outside of your house to connect with your baby and other new parents.

CATCH A GLIMPSE: Danielle is amazing with Thai Massage. See and Learn more about her work on our Massage and Bodywork Page!

CATCH A GLIMPSE: Massage Therapy in our darkened ‘cocoon-like’ rooms is the perfect place to relax and unwind, to recover from injury, or to hit the reset button on your busy mind!

CATCH A GLIMPSE: Our studio provides a clean, beautiful, relaxing space with small to moderately sized classes (4-14 max depending on the offering). Yoga, mindfulness, family support and education and more. Keep your eye out for our growing events/classes! use code ‘FIRSTCLASSFREE’ for your first weekly class visit!

CATCH A GLIMPSE: Prenatal wellness (physically, emotionally and mentally) are key focuses at The Cocuun. We have two levels of care with our Prenatal Massages- Prenatal Therapeutic Relaxation, and Advanced Therapeutic Prenatal Massage for you to choose from. Body Mind & Womb Prenatal Yoga classes are offered weekly along with some special events! Even our regular weekly yoga classes are 'prenatal-friendly' to keep your personal practice safe and effective.

We are all transforming throughout our lives. We do so physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. I often feel our biggest struggles in life come from not giving proper credit, attention and support to the fact that we ARE in frequent transition. Help your body, mind and spirit keep up with one another by utilizing the services of The Cocuun.

Meet the Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

Molly McDonald (She/Her)
Annalese Poorman (She/Her)
Kaelene Branam (She/Her)

Meet the Instructors

Molly McDonald (She/Her)
Anita Park (She/Her)
Lauren McCalister (She/They)
Amy Beck (She/Her)
SarahWilson (She/Her)
Jesi JoyConger (She/Her)
PamelaCotton (She/Her)
MaggieFrey (She/Her)
LillyLee (They/Them)

Imaginal Business Members

These Bloomington businesses can help improve your well-being, through the Cocuun and their own locations! Click on a business name to learn more.